Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9, 2021. If you are struggling to come up with a gift idea, here are a few suggestions.

According to, days or designated celebrations dedicated to mothers have been traced to ancient Greece. The Romans celebrated mothering goddesses, however earlier celebrations rooted in Christianity have been documented.

“The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914,” History’s website states.

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Rose Box NYC

For those wanting to take the rare and extravagant route, Rose Box could be for you.

Rose Box NYC is a company based in New York and has a plethora of gift options that are also customizable. Rose Box NYC specializes in creating long-lasting arrangements with their specially preserved fresh roses. These roses last for an entire year with no watering required.

The owners say the entire process from farming to harvesting is done in an ethical manor and takes both the laborers and environment into consideration.

“Rose Box NYC is committed to upholding only the highest of sustainable and ethical practices and this can be reflected with all of our business practices; from the tireless process of finding the very best ethical Ecuadorian Farm, to utilizing the actual lifespan of the plant to exclusively transport via boat to reduce impact on the environment,” Rose Box NYC Co-Founder Dana Dadush said.


For consumers looking for a company that gives back to the community, California-based clothing line Hypeach may be an option. Below is our Q and A with the company’s representatives.

Affordability of products seems to be on everyone’s mind during the last year or so. Was this something that motivated you to feature items that are affordable yet stylish?

Absolutely. We are very aware of and sensitive to the economic impact the pandemic has brought upon women, families, and particularly communities of color. Hypeach has always been committed to offering high-quality apparel at affordable prices with all women in mind. We launched our Style Ambassador Club during COVID, which allows anyone to earn income promoting our fashion on their own terms from anywhere, as a direct result of the pandemic’s economic impact.

For the people who are working from home, how can dressing up or “feeling cute” impact the quality of work they do? Do you hope that your customers feel good emotionally as well?

Dressing up and feeling cute is definitely a mood booster! When you feel good, our endorphins, creativity and productivity increase. We personally know first-hand how difficult working from home is right now, especially with children and a lack of genuine social interactions with our friends & co-workers. The struggle is real and so is depression, stress, and isolation. We always hope our customers smile and feel good when wearing our clothes.

Please tell me more about why you wanted to get involved with GlobalGirl Media and what you hope others learn from this movement.

The Hypeach mission is Fashion That Gives Back. A portion of every purchase supports GlobalGirl Media (GGM), a female-run non-profit that equips young women from underrepresented backgrounds with digital journalism training and equipment to reshape the media and tell the stories of marginalized voices. We established Hypeach to serve as a force for good and GGM nurtures young positive change agents and social activists while equipping girls with digital media & technology-rich skills for success at school. We are honored that GGM chose to partner with us since day one. We continue to grow our partnership by hosting GGM interns at Hypeach and serving as a pipeline to help grow careers in digital media any way we can.


For those looking for an affordable and unique option, Lovepop has a variety of choices.

This company features pop-up greeting cards that come in multiple colors, styles, and sizes and features intricately cut flowers and bouquets, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds.

According to the About Us section on their website, “Wombi Rose and John Wise became best friends at Webb Institute training to become naval architects. Years later while on a Harvard Business School trip to Vietnam, Wombi and John discovered the incredible paper art form of kirigami and were inspired. The duo took their engineering background and combined this ancient art with the slice form structure used in ship design to develop Slicegami™, and Lovepop was born.”

Wombi Rose and John Wise, Lovepop Founders
Courtesy of Lovepop