Colorful Scrunchies And Hair Accessories To Wear All Summer

Grace McCarty Grace McCarty Summer: the season of beach getaways, backyard parties, and “get-my-hair-up-and-out-of my-face-by-any-means-possible.”

Summer: the season of beach getaways, backyard parties, and “get-my-hair-up-and-out-of my-face-by-any-means-possible.” Thankfully, there’s an abundance of accessories to help accomplish this necessity in style. This season, you’re in luck if you’ve got an emergency stash of 90’s hair accessories laying around somewhere…but if not, we’ve got you covered. Scrunchies, claw clips, and headbands are back. Here’s a roundup of our favorite hair accessories to wear in summer 2021. 

Leisure Scrunchie

For the early morning zoom meetings to camp carpools drives, this soft scrunchie made with sustainable bamboo fabric is made for easy hair days. The affordable set from Bellefixe includes three scrunchies in nude, clay, and grey.

Leisure Collection Scrunchie, 3 for $11.50, Bellefixe

Terry Scrunchie 

Anthropologie’s Terry Scrunchie is designed for wet hair, so it’ll be your new beach and poolside best friend. Classic white or colorful, the 2 for $12 set is bound to be a new summer staple.

Terry Scrunchie, 2 for $12, Anthropologie

100% Silk Scrunchie

Of all elastic accessories, the silk scrunchie is by far the gentlest on hair. LilySilk’s 100% Silk Scrunchie is available in all your favorite colors on Amazon, for only $10. Your hair will thank you for this one. 

100% Silk Scrunchie, $10, LilySilk

Athleta Scrunchie

If you’re looking for a stylish scrunchie with an athletic hold Athleta’s got you covered. Their scrunchies are designed for exercise, but their delicate look will set off any outfit. Wear them right off the yoga mat and into your day- and rest assured, your ponytail isn’t going anywhere. Shop your choice of colors and patterns in Athleta’s 2 for $14 collection. 

Athleta Scrunchie, 2 for $14, Gap

Kitsch Gold Open Space Claw Clip

The claw clip is really having a moment right now. Kitsch’s gold metal Open Shape Claw Clip puts a modern twist on the classic look. Don’t be fooled by the dainty design- this clip will hold up thick hair too. 

Kitsch Gold Open Space Claw Clip, $8, Amazon 

Dreamiest Scarf Pony

We all love the idea of throwing our hair up with a fluttering silk scarf, but it’s tough to perfect a knot that won’t slip. Free people’s $18 Dreamiest Scarf Pony combines the scarf tie look with a scrunchie. With eleven colorful and romantic patterns to choose from, you’re set to embrace elegance with ease. 

Dreamiest Scarf Pony, $18, Free People

Bardot Claw Clip

Shop Jane Dottie’s elegant (and affordable!), vintage inspired clip collection to instantly elevate any summer look. We’d like to plan a getaway with the dreamy $10 Bardot Claw Clip alone. 

Bardot Claw Clip, $10, Jane Dottie

Knot Headband

Chic doesn’t get much more effortless than a classic headband. JCrew’s knot headband can complete your breezy summer look for $29.50. 

Knot Headband, $29.50, JCrew

Additional fashion reporting and cover image by Grace McCarty