CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland Indians fans will not be able to paint their faces in Native American fashion or wear headdresses to games at Progressive Field this season.

But fans can wear Chief Wahoo. We’re talking about the reasoning on This Week in the CLE.

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Here are the questions we’re answering today:

The Indians made a pretty strong denunciation Wednesday of the exploitation of Native Americans. What did they do?

Our Rich Exner has been precise beyond words with his prediction about the metric that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is using for when all coronavirus orders will be lifted, so what does Rich say to expect today?

Why did Norm Edwards send an email to more than 400 people Wednesday announcing that Frank Jackson was seeking a fifth term as mayor, when Jackson says he made no such announcement?

We all know that students fell behind during the pandemic year, but what is the Ohio plan for helping them to catch up?

How dead are the most offensive and costly parts of the corrupt House Bill 6, and how long do we have to wait for the refunds of the money that FirstEnergy has to give back to us?

We’re learning more and more about the NFL draft in Cleveland at the end of this month. What’s the latest?

What’s the controversy over a Bay Village tree that was 100 years old before Moses Cleaveland first alit on our shores, and why has it become so personal?

With the Indians ready to play and the Browns building on their success, is it time for sports betting in Ohio?

Armond Budish has been Cuyahoga County executive for a bit more than six years, so how many people have come and gone from his administration?

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