Dream Chaser spaceplane ready for shuttle-style landing at Kennedy Space Center next year

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. – The makers of the Dream Chaser spaceplane are inching closer to its first space flight, which will culminate with a space shuttle-style landing at Kennedy Space Center.

Sierra Nevada’s Corp. plans to use the Launch and Landing Facility, formerly known as the space shuttle runway, to put its Dream Chaser wheels down following spaceflights to and from the International Space Station and, eventually, a private space station built by Sierra Nevada Corp.

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Billie Eilish got her style inspiration from thrifting | Trending

Billie Eilish loved “thrifting” growing up.

The Grammy-winner – who wowed fans with her transformation on the cover of British Vogue magazine at the weekend – has opened up about where she got her style inspiration from over the years.

And the ‘Your Power’ hitmaker revealed that she loved buying her clothes from a thrift store because there is no “genre of clothing” and “limit” on what you can buy regardless of gender.

Asked where she got her style inspiration from by actress Barbie Ferreira in a video for British Vogue, Billie said: “Ah, Barbie, girl you so cute. Oh

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Marvel announced phase 4 movie titles in style making fans miss theaters badly: ‘See you at movies’

Image Source : MARVEL

Marvel Phase 4

Monday blues were pushed to the bay when Marvel surprised their fans by sharing a glimpse of the thrilling phase 4. The phase of the films was supposed to begin with Black Widow last year, but owing to the pandemic the film was pushed several times. Assuring fans of have a cinematic experience, Marvel Studios shared a three-minute video celebrating the love of storytelling and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) most memorable moments, along with a hint of what’s to come in Phase 4!  It was like a love letter to theatrical experience

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Sai Tamhankar’s Dhoti Style Saree Wrap Is Trending On The Internet Today

When it comes to setting new fashion trends no one beats actress Sai Tamhankar. Being a style icon, Sai has always blessed her female fans with creative and trendy fashion clothing. Just like always, the actress went trending on the internet as she donned a creative ethnic look today.

The actress took to her Insta to flaunt her gorgeous look in a beautiful Dhoti-style saree wrap.


Looking sweet as ever, Sai amazingly donned this ethnic look with her gracefulness. Her saree is a perfect example of creative ethnic fashion. But what looks like a Dhoti-style saree from outside is a

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Trending Young | The Highlands Current

Haldane grad opens Philipstown art gallery 

Max Beachak knows the Hudson Valley art world is competitive, especially during a pandemic shutdown. But he says he’s determined, with the opening of his Mohawk Valley Gallery in Philipstown on May 15, to “be a part of the art culture, and to have a place where young, talented artists can showcase their work.”

“I feel that people still want to go to a place where they can stand in front of a piece of art, take it in and feel if it’s something they want to own,” he says. “I am aiming to

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3 Non trending styles of 2021 that deserves a second chance in your wardrobe

Check out 3 stylish pieces of clothing that aren’t on the trend list but still a fashion favourite among all.

3 Non trending styles of 2021 that deserves a second chance in your wardrobe

The fashion cycle is quite unpredictable.Though fashion forecasting and trend spotting work hand in hand, what exactly is in and out of fashion and the reason behind each of it may travel breaking the borders of fashion touching human emotional trauma of the current times, social

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