Meet Diarra Bousso: One of Senegal’s most promising designers

Written by Helen Jennings, CNN

When Diarra Bousso was a child she dreamed of being a fashion designer, artist, mathematician and ballerina when she grew up. Today she’s achieved three out of four and added teacher to the list, too. With her Senegal-based brand Diarrablu she uses her gift for algorithms and equations to design artisan-made womenswear, including a bikini modeled by Kendall Jenner in Vogue, all the while supporting local leatherworkers, textile makers and tailors in Dakar.

Dall 2020 by Diarrablu. Credit: Diarrablu

A self-confessed “nerd” who “dreamed a lot,” Bousso acknowledges the early influence of her father, who

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