12 best overalls for women and how to style them

Fashion trends from the ’90s are coming back with a vengeance, and none of them are more fun than overalls. But rather than the boxy, oversized overalls of the decade coming out of your mom’s closet, today’s overalls are sleek and chic.

The Shop TODAY team got some insight on how to pull off the trend, where to find perfect overalls and how to customize your favorite pair from Stitch Fix stylist Stephanie Valponi.

Why are overalls trendy again?

Overalls are a classic fashion that seem to come back every few decades. In fact, you probably have photos of yourself

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How Working From Home Changed Wardrobes Around the World

Have months of self-isolation, lockdown and working from home irrevocably changed what we will put on once we go out again? For a long time, the assumption was yes. Now, as restrictions ease and the opening up of offices and travel is dangled like a promise, that expectation is more like a qualified “maybe.” But not every country’s experience of the last year was the same, nor were the clothes that dominated local wardrobes. Before we can predict what’s next, we need to understand what was. Here, eight New York Times correspondents in seven different countries share dispatches from a

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Frankie Jonas Talks About His Personal Style

Sorry, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, I have a style crush on Frankie Jonas. The youngest of the Jonas brothers has been making waves with his personal style, TikToks, and he’s even landed his first fashion campaign for MCM. I spoke with Frankie to learn more about how his style differs from his brothers’, his love for thrifting and Depop, and his plans in fashion.

Right off the bat, I realized that the 20-year-old is just as charming IRL as he is in his hysterical TikToks, and I laughed through our entire conversation. From his TikToks you’ll notice that

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28 Gen Z influencers to follow for style inspiration

We know what’s coming: a season of liberation, as lockdown is lifted and we’re allowed back out into the world to have actual uninhibited fun for the first time in over a year. With it comes the first opportunity to turn looks with an audience in over a year, but Gen Z’s most stylish never really took a day off from that anyway. Throughout the pandemic, they’ve used Instagram, TikTok and Depop as de-facto replacements for their IRL social spaces, bringing fashion and artistic inspiration to their followers.

That’s why, in our new A-Z video, we give you a rundown

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Gia Seo On Her Ugg Campaign, Personal Style, & Highlighting Creatives Through Community

Welcome to Favorite Follow, a new series highlighting NYLON’s favorite creators and the stories behind some of their most memorable content.

Scrolling through Instagram can sometimes feel monotonous, especially when it comes to fashion inspiration. One brand or item can take off on the platform and soon enough, you’re seeing very similar outfits and content over and over again. Following someone like creative director and self-proclaimed “sock-fluencer” Gia Seo, however, is a breath of fresh air for your feed. Her fit pics are packed with colors, textures, and patterns that feel like a hit of dopamine to your eyeballs,

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Why sustainability must drive fashion’s Covid reset | Apparel Industry Analysis

“Sustainability properly managed is really a cost efficiency programme,” says industry consultant Robert Antoshak

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented the apparel industry with an opportunity to pause, reflect and rethink its future. Winners in this new post-Covid world will be those that reset with sustainability in mind – shifting to more circular business models that move away from the traditional ‘take-make-waste’ system and allow for more transparency along the supply chain with greater cohesion between brands and suppliers.

The crisis sent the sector into a tailspin in 2020, but as it looks to regain its footing one year on, sustainability

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