What jeans should we wear after the pandemic? Flared, skinny, boyfriend, straight?

For a time largely spent alone, the pandemic year has prompted a lot of conversation about clothes. When lockdowns began, it seemed like every news publication ran a nearly identical roundup of advice from work-from-home veterans, who often suggested getting dressed in normal work wear every morning. That didn’t really last—a few months into the pandemic, people started recommending lists of luxury sweatshirts, daytime pajamas, and less restrictive bras. Now that vaccine distribution is ramping up, talk has turned to the expiring era of round-the-clock sweatpants, and let’s just say—I will scream into a pile of French

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15 Cottagecore Fashion Brands to Shop in 2021


You may remember the “cottagecore” fashion trend that emerged from the earlier days of quarantine in 2020. Since we were all staying at home, it’s easy to see why the style picked up so much steam: It was an escape to imagine yourself in a quaint cottage or living in the countryside when wearing any of these romantic and breezy designs. You could transport to a world where your only responsibilities are tending a garden or baking a pie or leisurely taking a turn about the room. Sounds great, right? And if you’re a fan, the good

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For effortless style, let Fran Lebowitz be your guide | Fashion

Television has been my surrogate social life for the past year, so all my style icons have been sourced via the small screen. Emily In Paris’s boss Sylvie gave excellent haughty French chic, at a time when I was watching fashion week on my laptop and pining for days ogling French Vogue editors across the catwalk. And Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek is to the incoming roaring 20s what Daisy Buchanan was to the last time around, mark my words.

But the style icon I will be channelling in the low-key re-entry phase of real-world dressing is a woman

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Sudi Etuz Founder on Fashion Week Istanbul and Turkish Style

As high profile as the four major Fashion Weeks are, not everyone is able to present in New York, London, Milan or Paris. Cities as varied as Sydney, Seoul, Tblisi and Moscow have all experimented with the format, with international designers perfectly comfortable showing closer to home.

Istanbul is another one of those under-the-radar cities nurturing a new wave of designers, with their own Fashion Week to boot. Şansım Adalı, founder of emerging ready-to-wear label Sudi Etuz, has been showing their since the brand’s inception in 2016.

Known for its conceptual take on prêt-a-couture, the brand has made a name

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Personalized Capes have Added a New Fashion Style to Kids’ Fashion

Kids’ fashion has evolved a lot with the passage of time due to which many changes have been introduced into it. It has facilitated children to adopt new fashion trends to look unique in their daily routines.

The high popularity of personalized fashion trends has led to the increasing use of personalized capes in kids’ fashion. Due to their strong attachment with their favorite superheroes, they are going for superhero costumes including superhero capes.

It is due to kids’ desire to embrace the look of their superheroes and feel special in their lives. Parents are ordering custom capes online by

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A first look at Gucci and Balenciaga’s extravagant fashion collection

The style world went into overdrive earlier this week when rumors suggested two of the biggest fashion houses, Balenciaga and Gucci, had collaborated together. With neither label confirming — or denying — the news, though, consumers were forced to wait until the opening of Gucci’s show, Aria, to see if the rumors held any truth. As Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele promised, the presentation was “one of the house’s greatest milestone moments,” blending Gucci’s busy logos with Balenciaga’s striking silhouettes.

If you’re unfamiliar with high fashion, think of this collaboration as monumental as Nike and Adidas teaming up to

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