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Is fashion dead?

The scene is a motel in northwest North Dakota, 2019. A woman and her very chic, very New York adult daughter are the only female guests in a motel stuffed with oil and gas workers.

The women emerge from the elevator and run smack into two rough-looking oil guys. One of the men points to the daughter’s handbag. “Ma’am, is that a Go Yard?” he asks.

“Umm, yes, it’s a Goyard,” she says, citing Maison Goyard, the venerable French high-end design house.

“Man, how do you know what a Go Yard is?” asks the incredulous second oil guy.

“I like

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The American Designer Betting on OnlyFans | News & Analysis

Rebecca Minkoff, the designer known for her $300 leather crossbody handbags, has nearly one million followers on Instagram. On her profile, she shares a mélange of photos and videos, including product images from the brand’s latest accessory or fragrance launch, interviews with actresses and fashion insiders and on occasion, cheeky quotes.

But for those seeking more, Minkoff is now offering a premium content experience to her followers and customers. Today, the American accessories maven launches an OnlyFans account, making her the first well-known designer to do so. The debut is tied to New York Fashion Week, and to kick things

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Asian-American Owned Brands to Support 2021: Beauty & Fashion

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Have you checked in on your Asian friends lately? They’re likely feeling tense, anxious, and just a little on edge about their community these days. ICYMI, there’s been an unsettling uptick of anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination since the pandemic started, and, unfortunately, almost one year later, it’s become painfully clear that this ugly behavior is in no way over. 

Popular digital platforms like Peloton and TikTok have publicly posted about this anti-Asian discrimination and ensuing violence recently, and countless notable figures including Chrissy Teigen, Daniel Dae Kim, Lisa Ling, and social activist Amanda Nguyen

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New York Fashion Week has changed. Here’s why

Written by Fiona Sinclair Scott, CNN

When the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) chairman Tom Ford announced earlier this year that the organization would no longer publish an official New York Fashion Week schedule but rather an “American Collections Calendar,” the news confirmed something bigger than an administrative update.

New York Fashion Week was once the main stage for American designers, but this notion has been unbuckling for years as a number of designers have chosen to show elsewhere or outside of the official calendar dates.

The coronavirus pandemic only accentuated this trend. Travel bans and other logistical

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‘A Study Of Eight’ Showcases Influence Black Fashion Makers Had On History, Culture

In honor of Black History Month, EDGExpo is offering a glimpse into the lives of eight Black fashion makers and influencers who used the power of fashion to transform their identity and culture.

“A Study of Eight” acknowledges the significant contribution Black fashion designers and influencers made to fashion’s history. The curated editorial project covers people and events of cultural and historical significance between the years of 1880 and 1980.

Publishing editor Rhonda P. Hill says she’s always wanted to work on a project like “A Study Of Eight,” which showcases the work of underrepresented people and dives deep into

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What New York Fashion Week Means To American Designers Today : NPR

NPR’s Ailsa Chang speaks with Christina Binkley of Vogue Business about the state of American fashion and whether New York Fashion Week is still the main stage for American designers.


To know what will be the it things to wear in the fall, the fashion world turns to New York Fashion Week, which began just on Sunday. Of course, it looks a little different this year. Not only will events be nearly completely digital again, but many of the superstars of the fashion world won’t be participating. Here to walk us through what that might mean for

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