Disguise Announces New Global Rights for Kirby Costumes and Accessories

POWAY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb 2, 2021–

Disguise, Inc., the costume division of leading toy and consumer products manufacturer, JAKKS Pacific, Inc., today announced a new partnership with Warpstar to design, market, manufacture and distribute costumes and costume accessories for the Kirby franchise commencing in 2021. Warpstar is an IP management affiliate of Nintendo Co., Ltd. and HAL Laboratory, which was granted the rights to license Kirby IP on behalf of Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. Rights will include worldwide distribution with the exclusion of Japan.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Kirby (Graphic: Business Wire)

Costumes and

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Best AirPods Max accessories for 2021

Apple’s AirPods Max noise-canceling headphones may cost a bundle — $549 to be precise — but they’re selling so well, Apple can’t keep them in stock. And while they may not be as popular as the standard AirPods and AirPods Pro, the Max is the latest example of a high-profile Apple product that creates its own cottage industry for dedicated accessories. Indeed, there are already plenty of AirPods Max add-ons, including traditional “shell” cases, charging stands and ear cup and headband covers. Here’s a look at some of the best accessories available. Note that I’ve only tested the three of

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Should You Invest in Accessories for Your Instant Pot?

Multicooker sales continue to be hot. The countertop cookers that can take the place of a rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker and pressure cooker are everywhere, and now you can get accessories that expand their cooking duties even more. Consumer Reports checked them out.

a hand holding a video game

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The accessories that CR checked out are made by Instant Pot, but most of them can be used with other multicookers as long as they fit in the inner pot.

You can get silicone or metal egg racks to cook eggs, but CR experts used a metal one for

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Grilling burgers for the big game? Save 10% on grilling accessories from Kenyon


Ordinarily, this is the time of year when you would be planning a backyard BBQ for the big game. While inviting a slew of friends over is off the table this year, you can still grill for yourself and your family. Need to refresh your tools? Kenyon wants to help out. From now through Feb. 8, all Kenyon grilling accessories and utensils are 10% off when you apply promo code TOUCHDOWN at checkout. 

The company behind a line of well-known electric grills and cooktops has accessories for its own products on sale, but there are also some products that

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18 Yoga Accessories For Beginners

Both at-home workouts and stress levels have soared during the pandemic, so if you’ve turned to yoga to move your body and calm your mind, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a vinyasa newbie or are looking to upgrade your home flow setup, these are the best yoga accessories for beginners that’ll ease your practice.

Doing yoga brings a wide range of physical benefits: Science shows that it can improve strength, flexibility, and heart health, besides simply feeling good after sitting at a desk all day. And there are just as many advantages for your mind — the same

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Zoom gloom? Improve your virtual meetings with these cool accessories

We seem to spend more and more time logged in to back-to-back online videoconference meetings.

They seem to go on all day, without any respite, or breaks.

To make the long day online more bearable, add these gadgets to your office and makes those meetings as comfortable as possible so that your Zoom calls whizz past.

Brighten up your web calls with this light for your screen


The HumanCentric screen light mounts onto the back of your laptop or monitor. It is powered from your laptop using a USB cable. You can increase the brightness or the colour temperature

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