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What New York Fashion Week Means To American Designers Today : NPR

NPR’s Ailsa Chang speaks with Christina Binkley of Vogue Business about the state of American fashion and whether New York Fashion Week is still the main stage for American designers.


To know what will be the it things to wear in the fall, the fashion world turns to New York Fashion Week, which began just on Sunday. Of course, it looks a little different this year. Not only will events be nearly completely digital again, but many of the superstars of the fashion world won’t be participating. Here to walk us through what that might mean for

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Does America Need A Fashion Czar?

Current media is buzzing with a novel idea put forward by Dr. Elizabeth Segran in a commentary that was published by Fast Company Magazine, calling for the creation of a new senior-level position within Biden-world. The concept would create a Fashion Czar that would target improvements to the environment and humanity on behalf of the fashion industry. The article’s title is: “President Biden, appoint a fashion czar!”

It was not entirely clear from the context of

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American Sportswear Designers on What’s Next for Fashion


When Peter Do won a 2020 LVMH Prize, an award given by the French luxuury conglomerate to promising emerging fashion designers, it marked the first time a recipient’s designs carried a “Made in New York” label. Do, who was born in Vietnam and moved to Philadelphia as a teenager, launched his namesake line three years ago with the goal of building a new American luxury house, and spurring a renaissance in Manhattan’s Garment District, for decades the city’s manufacturing hub, but in more recent years a flagging emblem of an industry in transition. “We put pockets on everything,

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Pro-style ranges are trending for 2021

Pro-style ranges are one of the biggest trends for kitchen appliances we’ve seen so far in 2021. From mainstays like Monogram and Bosch, to niche brands like Forza and Thor Kitchen (its tagline is literally “Cook like a god”), everyone seemed to have a new industrial-style range to show off at this year’s industry shows.

What’s a pro-style range?

Professional or industrial-style ranges are stoves designed to look like what you might find in a restaurant or catering kitchen. They’re typically built with durability in mind, meant to withstand heavy use like other pro-style kitchen appliances. These ranges are less

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Trending Hair Style Trends & Accessories For Spring 2021

Spring is the season of new beginnings. It marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer, therefore the weather is sometimes cool, and it has its sunny moments too. If you think about, this season is all about change and versatility and that should echo through your grooming too. Besides, you do know your mane is going to have to adjust to the change in weather too. If the cold made your hair frizz less the heat is going to do just the opposite. Transitioning your hair game is what you should focus on this season and we

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Gen Z deems skinny jeans out of style: What to wear instead

Cancel culture is coming for millennials and you’ll want to get the skinny on this newly nixed fashion trend.

According to Gen Z, skinny jeans are now officially over. The trend was called out on TikTok, with videos condemning the body-hugging pants and calling for their prompt removal from all closets in some very dramatic ways.

In this melodramatic and hopefully sarcastic video by user @momohkd, she instructs her 410,000 viewers to either throw the pants away, light them on fire or cut them up into something new. At least the last option was thrifty, right?

Millennials and above are

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