Andreas Milano

The Japanese designers building a more sustainable fashion industry

Written by Lena Vazifdar, CNN

In Japan, the term “mottainai” — loosely translated to “what a waste” — has deep roots. Originating from a Buddhist belief that every object has intrinsic value and should be utilized for its full life cycle, the credo has been threaded throughout national culture for centuries.

“Mottainai and handmade culture is everywhere in Japan,” said Kaoru Imajo, director of Japan Fashion Week Organization, said in an email. Sake lees (the residual yeast left over from the fermentation process), he points out, has long been used as a cooking ingredient, and discarded orange peels have been
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Meet Peter Marziano of Newtown Square’s Hassis Men’s Shop

Photo by Tessa Marie Images

The GM of the upscale Delaware County institution shares how his fashion sense has evolved and names the style mistakes every guy should avoid.

Known for its custom suiting and upscale casual wear, Hassis Men’s Shop has been a Delaware County go-to since 1968. Peter Marziano started working there in 1979, when he was a sophomore at Villanova University. “I call myself a clothing psychologist,” he says. “Men tell me their style-related hopes and goals, and we figure out what they need. Then we make it happen.”

MEN’S MOST COMMON FASHION MISTAKES: Wearing outdated styles.

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This Week’s Picks: Everyday Fashion

Practical fashion doesn’t mean ugly. In today’s GiftRap blog, the GDA editors share their stylish picks for casual living, from brass rings to computer readers.

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Boho Jewelry

Last summer, Art & Soul, my favorite gift store for jewelry, closed. They carried my absolute favorite fashion jewelry brand, Baizaar Jewelry. Thankfully, I’ve found another gift shop that carries them in my area, but at the time, I panicked and bought whatever Baizaar they had left. You can spot the style from a mile away: handmade with brass or silver and colorful stones – a very Boho and

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Trips are trending for Jefferson area seniors | Around Town

JEFFERSON — People are very ready to get out and stretch their legs, so to speak.

The Jefferson Area Senior Center is offering several extended tours from Mayflower Tours that are fun to think and dream about. On Wednesday, March 31, it will be offering a trip preview beginning at 4:30 p.m. in the center’s spacious great room.

The following tours will be showcased: “America’s Canyon Country” air tour (September 2021); “On the Trail of the Pioneer Woman” motor coach tour (October 2021); “Thanksgiving in New York City” air tour (November 2021) and the “Alaska Iditarod” air tour (February 2022).

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The Amiri Prize Will Give $100,000 To A Young American Designer

Amiri is on the hunt for the next great American designers. The L.A.-based brand’s founder Mike Amiri has announced the first-ever Amiri Prize, which will grant the winner $100,000 and a mentorship with Amiri himself.

“As an independent designer, I have had the privilege to forge an unconventional path and find success outside of the current establishment,” Amiri said in an official statement. “The Amiri Prize is tailored to young designers who are often overlooked and to help provide opportunity, knowledge, and resources to create a foundation for success.”

To be eligible, designers must have a brand between one

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10 Summer 2021 Fashion Trends to Shop Now

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

If you’re pretty much over winter and the fact that it’s still super freezing out, you’re not alone. Even though it’s March and it’s slowly but surely getting warmer out (ugh, finally), we still have a few months to go until it’s officially summer. But you might already be on the hunt for all the bathing suits and summery dresses you’re going to be wearing once the weather is nothing but blue skies and sun. Hey, whatever gives you something to look forward to these days—go for it!

To help you out, we’ve gathered the

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