It’s always a great time to shop for gifts.

As an expert gift-giver, constantly looking for birthday and holiday gifts — yes, I already know what I’m getting almost everyone in my life for Christmas — having unique and practical ideas is the first step.

Ahead of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we consulted Anthropologie, the American clothing retailer that also offers an assortment of decor, jewelry and gifts. For out-of-the-box options, it’s one of your safest bets.

“All of Anthropologie could be a gift!,” Nicole Jones, the company’s 15-year Divisional Merchandise Manager for Gifts and Entertaining, told the Post. “When we’re deciding what to buy, we want to ensure each and every item evokes an emotional reaction — where you just have to have it or know someone that would be delighted with such a special and thoughtful surprise.”

Anthropologie’s recommendations for its living products, according to each zodiac sign. Graphic courtesy of @anthropologie via Instagram.

Sure, you can pick up a candle (one of Anthropologie’s most-shopped items) and a trinket from any store, but this company is unique for its keen eye for crafting the perfect pieces.

“We always have a story to tell behind the product, whether it transports you to another place, inspires you with artisan craft, or connects you to new artists and designers,” Jones explains.

Specifically, at Anthropologie, candles are the nearly sold-out item everyone is searching for. “During the last year and a half, as people spent more time at home — no matter what they were doing —they were also burning a candle,” she adds. “Our candles are always an easy go-to gift, in gorgeous vessels you won’t find anywhere else, and scents that you will come back for over and over again.”

Aside from the fan-favorite flickering scents, Anthropologie’s monogrammed mugs and throw blankets are a popular destination for gifts, both of which will please “everyone on your list,” per Jones’ expertise.

“At Anthropologie, our customers are always our top priority,” she said. “If you stop by your local store, you’ll find sales associates genuinely eager to help you find the perfect gift. We want to be a part of your story and help you create lasting memories for those special occasions.”

That said, Jones pulled Anthropologie’s 30 best gift options below for you to shop. Whether you’re on the hunt for an upcoming birthday gift or want to really get ahead of the holiday shopping rush, you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

“The Capri Blue Volcano candle is a long-standing favorite at Anthropologie,” Jones said. “The matte black exclusive finish lends a new sophistication to this collection, making it seamlessly fit into any space.”

She loves that this candle is giant-sized, naming it a “statement gift for the candle lover,” too.

Marais Taper Candles (Set of 2)

“A staple for dinner parties and everyday entertaining, we are seeing taper candles as a must-have for all your tablescapes and mantles for the fall and holiday season,” she said. “We have unique shapes.”

Delaney Candle Holder

“A companion to our taper candles, this beautiful candle holder collection features sculptural glass forms in an array of stunning colors,” she said. “This is a top gift for the season!”

Mozu Trinket Dish

“Crafted from earthenware with natural textural handles, these wabi-sabi vessels feel like you found them as a special gift in your travels,” she said.

Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Wynn Wicker Tray

“Designed by interior design favorite, Amber Lewis, in collaboration with Anthropologie, this handwoven wicker tray features leather accents for a subtle, elegant touch,” she said.

Verona Vase

“Taking inspiration from antique finds, this terracotta vase is finished with a beautiful reactive glaze handmade in Portugal and adds a crafted touch to your favorite stems,” Jones said.

This vase comes in a small size ($38) or a large size ($58), depending on your budget and preference.

Natalie Lete Vases

“Designed by cult-favorite Anthropologie artist collaborator, Nathalie Lete, this handpainted vessel has 3D details and lends endless charm and whimsy to a fresh bouquet,” she said. “Nathalie’s designs are like future family heirlooms.”

Roman Bust Candle

“Shaped wax candles are the biggest trend in the candles space right now,” she said. “Taking cues from Roman busts, our sculptural candles add that unexpected statement piece to any room.”

The candles come in a small size ($36) or a large size ($48).

Old Havana Serving Bowl

“Bowls have been the new plates for quite some time now,” she said. “From a variety of meal bowls to serving sizes, the Old Havana collection is an Anthropologie heritage staple. Crafted in Portugal, this beautifully detailed stoneware is finished with a rich crackle glaze.”

Available in a small size ($29.95), along with a large ($78), they also make great accent pieces to display in your kitchen.

Herbiflora Cheese Knives (Set of 3)

“Featuring handles crafted in the shape of our favorite herbs, this set is a perfect addition to a cheeseboard, with 3D details that make this feel like jewelry for your charcuterie,” Jones said.

Marbled Acacia Cheese Board

“Crafted from chocolate marble and acacia wood, this beautiful cheese board makes a statement on any charcuterie spread — and is perfectly giftable for the hard-to-please hostess,” she said.

The board is also available with a single handle for $34.

Orion Dish Towels (Set of 2)

“These dish towels are made of a gushy gauze fabric that I love; the lunar motifs give your kitchen a more modern, crafted look,” she said. “These pair well as an add-on to our baking dishes.”

Aside from the orange and gray-speckled print, Anthropologie also offers a brighter color variation set.

Wooden Spreaders (Set of 6)

“Crafted from a variety of woods, these uniquely shaped spreaders can be used for cheeses, breakfast jams or condiments,” she said.

Artemesia Dessert Plate

“These gorgeous plates are all handcrafted by Italian artisans with an incredible reactive glaze finish,” she said. “The scalloped edge detail adds a lovely feminine touch.”

These one-of-a-kind dessert plates come in white, sky and pink color options, too.

Tortoise Serving Set

“With tortoiseshell-inspired accents, this serving set is striking to any table,” Jones said. “It looks lovely in an eclectic, modern boho table setting, which is of the moment right now.”

Fiorella Couple Glasses (Set of 4)

“Everyone will be in a celebratory mood when you serve up cocktails in these elegant coupes made by hand in the Czech Republic — the perfect gift for those who love to host,” she said.

To match, shop these wine glasses ($64), highball glasses ($64), stemless wine glasses ($56), and flutes ($64) to pair with the coupes — all in a set of four.

Acacia Bread Board

“Who didn’t learn how to bake bread in the last year?” she said. “This bread board with carved text details is the perfect gift for all the bread connoisseurs in your life.”

Aurelie Glass Jar Candle

“This hand-poured candle features our new signature scent, Fig Tree,” she said. “This layered fragrance highlights notes of dark fig nectar and peppered cassis nestled within a base of leafy green vines and warm woods. It’s sure to become a favorite.”

In addition to Fig Tree, this candle comes in Balsam & Cedarwood and Pumpkin & Sweet Vanilla colors and scents.

Apothecary 18 Glass Jar Candle

“Our new Apothecary 18 candle collection comes in an artisan glass vessel with sophisticated woodsy and spice notes that will put you in the mood for the season,” she said.

Minka Textured Pot

“Bringing the outdoors in continues to be a big trend in decorating as people seek to surround themselves with nature and reap the benefits of plants for added air care,” Jones said. “This cement pot instantly elevates your space with its textured baubles and handpainted finish.”

The Minka Textured Pot comes in a small size ($42), a medium size ($68) and a large size ($98) for you to shop.

Posey Bud Vase

“There’s nothing easier than grabbing a little bud vase and pairing it with a bundle of our dried florals or picking up a fresh bouquet as the quintessential hostess gift,” she said. “These handpainted vases come in a variety of shapes and have that love-worn feel.”

The four vases come in four beautiful colors to match your space accordingly.

Tiled Margot Monogram Mug

“Inspired by French bistro tilework, this iconic monogram mug collection is a customer favorite,” she said. “It makes gifting easy and personalized.”

Bright Stripe Throw Blanket

“Tip for the season — always have a cozy blanket nearby,” she said. “In fact, we have one for almost every room in your home, whether it’s to cuddle up or a more decorative statement piece. This style offers a fun take on classic stripe and plaid motifs to keep warm at home.”

Plus, there are four other styles to choose from.

Spindle Taper Candle

“I couldn’t resist including more shaped wax,” she said. “This elegant spindle design doubles as your taper and stands alone without a candle holder.”

To make things customizable to your space, the candle comes in blue, lavender, fig and amber colors.

Rodi Boucle Throw Blanket

“Looking for something a bit more luxe, this throw blanket features the texture of the moment with a cozy boucle that is typically seen in neutrals,” Jones said. “We, of course, gave it an unexpected pop of color.”

If you’re more into neutrals, Anthropologie has this throw designed in taupe and blush shades, too.

Luxe Dyed Faux Fur Throw Blanket

“One of our softest throws ever, this faux fur blanket has a dye technique finish and gorgeous manipulated texture giving it a fashion-forward feel,” she said. “Once you touch it, you won’t be able to resist buying one for everyone you know!”

The soft plush comes in gray, ivory, green, blue, purple and rose colors to choose from.

Comporta Bliss Travel Book

“Even though I’m not ready to travel abroad yet, I’m still dreaming of where I’ll set off to next,” she said. “This beautiful travel series is the perfect gift for anyone with wanderlust right now.”

Check out more of Anthropologie’s books here.

Marcello Velho Catwalk Serving Platter

“It wouldn’t be Anthropologie without including an optimistic wink in the mix,” she said. “Designed in collaboration with artist Marcello Velho, this leopard will bring a smile to your face as the perfect whimsical gift.”

Scuba Glasses (Set of 2)

“A variety of colorful artisan-blown glassware is popping up everywhere right now,” Jones said. “At Anthropologie, you’ll find the most eclectic collection of specialty techniques.”

She said she likes to mix and match them across different colors or styles for a “different creative statement gift,” too. The glasses come in blue, white, teal, blush and amber.

Marble Four-In-A-Row Game

“While puzzles were last year’s go-to gift and activity at home, this year, luxe games that double as decorative accents should be at the top of your gift-giving list,” Jones said. “This modern twist on a classic four-in-a-row game also makes the perfect WFH desk addition.”

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