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Even for people who enjoy shopping, the process of finding a new bra typically isn’t the most enjoyable. If the thought of being measured by an overenthusiastic salesperson and trying on bra after bra in a harshly lit dressing room is enough to send a shiver down your spine, then we’re here to let you in on a little secret: There’s an easier way to find your new favorite bra.

As the overall best-seller in the category of minimizer bras, the popular style is a standout favorite among those who wear larger cup sizes. Because it’s made with hidden underwire for support and a slightly compressive fit, the bra is designed to hold your chest in place while still keeping you comfortable. 

Buy It! Bali Women’s Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bra in Toffee, $15.99–$52.94;

“Now let me tell you, I have very large breasts, and it is nearly impossible to find a great bra, ” shared one reviewer. “I am a 36DDD and this bra fits perfectly. So comfortable. I was hesitant because I read it didn’t have padding, and I always like thin padding. But I gave it a go and it is amazing! Definitely my new go to, and will buy in every color, often. This is my first review I’ve ever left on Amazon, and feel like it was necessary because I know how complicated and stressful it can be for women who are just trying to find a solution for heavy breast, support, and comfort.” 

Unlike minimizing bras that can leave people with larger chests feeling restricted, the Bali style with more than 3,500 glowing reviews stands out by providing shape and lift without compromising on comfort. For some shoppers, it’s ended the search for the perfect full-coverage bra for good — and now they’ve been buying it “for years“. 

“All of my bras either have a gap in the cup or spillage which is visible through a T-shirt,” one reviewer said. “This bra covers with no gaps, no spills, and has nice thick straps like a Victoria Secret bra. It holds the breasts in place and gives them a really nice shape, and this bra does make my boobs look smaller without pushing them flat like a sports bra. I think they might look smaller just because they are held securely in place and the bra fits snug but not too tight. Overall, this is my new favorite bra, and I will be ordering more of them.”

If you’re ready to end your search for your dream bra, head to Amazon to get the best-selling style thousands are falling for.