University of Cincinnati student Brenna Prem.

With students fully back on campus it is safe to say there’s a lot of excitement in the air. No one has experienced this type of normality in school for quite some time, and although homework, good grades and time management may be top priorities of students across campus, fashion is also at the forefront of our minds when starting an in-person school year.

While gender doesn’t quite matter when it comes to trends in 2021, some movements seem to be predominantly consumed by women. One of the biggest trends is the combination of a tote bag around your arm and a claw clip in your hair. While both trends have come and gone throughout the years, in 2021 it looks like they are here to stay.

Tote bags are a convenient and spacious accessory to keep students organized. The claw clip is a way to throw your hair up effortlessly – while still looking cute.

When it comes to clothes, there are a few styles that stick out. The combination of biker shorts and an oversized t-shirt are similar to the claw clip in the way that it is minimal effort, maximum style. 

Another staple clothing item is tennis skirts, paired with tops ranging from frilly tanks to oversized sweatshirts and so on. This sort of “college girl” look can be dressed up or down which explains why so many people love it.

When it comes to menswear, there are multiple trends that tend to occur throughout campus. Accessories such as baseball caps and neck chains add depth to any outfit and have been gaining traction around campus this year. 

Shorts that come up high above the knee are a clothing staple for men. The “5-inch inseam” trend, or shorter, can be found from name brand stores such as LuLuLemon and Nike, and can be paired with graphic tees – a trend for both men and women alike – in designs with band logos, fun patterns or images of students’ favorite TV shows.

Many other trends are gender-neutral around campus this fall. Footwear trends revolve around shoes such as New Balances, Nike duns, Vans and Converse. Converse have been a shoe that has come and gone throughout the years, but recently they’ve been worn in tons of styles including high tops and platforms.

Ripped jeans and denim are a classic gender-neutral trend that seems to grow stronger each year. 

As a whole, fashion is open to interpretation and isn’t restricted by gender identity, as the ever-growing fashion scene on UC’s campus seems to be showing us this year. Only time will tell what other trends will take Bearcats in stride as we dive weeks further into the semester.