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If you’ve recently been through a divorce, then you may have an understandable compulsion to reinvent your wardrobe. If that’s the case, try experimenting with these 9 fashion styles…

Divorces aren’t pleasant; that much is universally agreed upon. However, whenever something as life changing as a divorce occurs, it does present a unique opportunity for someone to take their life in a completely new direction, reinventing who they are in the process.

What better way of doing this than to experiment with some unfamiliar fashion styles? Our fashion choices tell a story in themselves and can provide the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a simple way to signal a new chapter in your life.

So, if you’ve been through constructive negotiation and your divorce has been finalised, here are 9 fashion styles you can experiment with…

9 Fashion Styles to Try Out Following a Divorce

There are an endless number of fashion styles out there – some of which you might already have experience with. These 9 ideas are some of the best you can experiment with during the post-divorce period…

Fashion Style 1: Modern Vintage

Recreating looks of previous decades is a more attainable fashion choice than you might initially think! Of course, you may not be able to source clothes and fashion styles directly from the era you want to reflect. That said, you can find plenty of vintage or retro clothes that have a modern twist, giving your wardrobe the added spice, it deserves.

If you’re looking to experiment with your fashion style post-divorce, then you have plenty of different eras at your disposal that you can delve into. Whether you choose to throw it right back to the 60s, or you’re feeling nostalgic for some Friends-inspired 90’s looks, the choice is yours.

Fashion Style 2: Bohemian

If you’re not already familiar with bohemian fashion, then it’s about time you learned. Bohemian fashion styles are strongly related to ‘hippie’ fashion, where non-conformity and eccentricity are key.

Flowy clothes, vibrant prints, and natural patterns are usually at the heart of bohemian fashion styles. So, if any of these appeal to you, it may be a fashion avenue to explore following a divorce.

Fashion Style 3: Casual Wear

Before you ask; no, casual wear doesn’t mean wearing your lounge wear out in public (unless you really want to!). Casual wear simply refers to looks that are more comfortable and relaxed and take much less effort to organise.

When you’re going through the post-divorce period, sometimes all you’re going to want to do is put together simple outfits that are comfortable to wear. Making a statement isn’t always going to be your motive, after all.

Fashion Style 4: Chic

A divorce can make you feel out of control, and your style can provide you with the stability you might be craving right now. If you want to project a bold, sophisticated look after your divorce, then you will want to experiment with chic fashion statements.

Chic styles tend to be simplistic when it comes to the clothes themselves, saving space for more extravagant accessories. Women in chic clothing exude power and control – something you may want to exhibit yourself post-divorce.

Fashion Style 5: Minimalist

Minimalist fashion styles are underpinned by neutral colours, with slim fitting clothes that aren’t too baggy, nor too clingy. Unsurprisingly, the famous saying ‘less is more’ is particularly relevant in this case.

Tapering your fashion style back to the basics doesn’t have to be boring, either. While ‘jeans and a nice top’ might be exactly what you’re looking for, you can always tinker with the formula by taking a look at something a little more sophisticated – think ankle boots, or crisp button-ups.

Fashion Style 6: Urban

Some of the fashion styles that are born from the catwalk aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a change following a divorce, then you might want to take a look at urban fashion styles that have emerged from the streets.

Urban and street style tends to be a reflection of popular trends occurring in the world and has its roots in sports, and music movements.

Fashion Style 7: Punk

The punk fashion scene is an extravagant choice, especially if it’s not something you’ve dabbled in previously. That said, it could be the exact statement you want to make following a divorce.

Punk fashion incorporates a wide range of different styles, but its core centres around dark clothing, leather jackets, and clothing that features intentional rips. It’s an anti-establishment fashion style that may be the perfect reflection of your brand-new circumstances.

Fashion Style 8: Grunge

In basic terms, the grunge fashion style is a seamless blend between urban and punk, bringing both into the mainstream consciousness. Grunge style is a 90s aesthetic that’s easy to put together and easy to pull off, making it a great experimental fashion style.

Plaid shirts, ripped jeans and baggy t-shirts are things most of us have lying about in our wardrobes, right? So, why not put them to use?

Fashion Style 9: Sporty

Sporty styles that incorporate gym clothes are all the rage right now, and could make for the perfect post-divorce choice.

If you’re a regular gym goer, then you’ll have the benefit of being able to use your gym clothes for practical and fashionable uses. So, you’ll really be getting value for money!

Are You Looking to Experiment with Your Clothes Post-Divorce?

As you’ll no doubt have been told plenty of times already, the post-divorce period is all about self-care. This means you can choose to experiment with whichever fashion styles truly reflect where you’re at on a personal level.

Are there any more fashions styles you think people should experiment with post-divorce? Feel free to leave a comment below with your own suggestions and why you think they’d be the perfect choice.