The best gift for your best guy

Dads may be thrilled any time their kids acknowledge them, and chances are, you’ve had a hand in that over the years, helping little ones create cute Father’s Day crafts, planning fun Father’s Day activities for him, and maybe reminding older ones that Father’s Day is coming up. (It’s June 20 this year, by the way!) But a Father’s Day gift from a wife or partner is a very different thing. A gift for your husband requires more thought to truly mean something. You want it to really represent your love and appreciation for him and show you understand him as a person.

Of course, that’s sometimes easier said than done, especially when you’ve used up all of your good ideas on birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays. That’s why we’ve put together this list of personal gift ideas that he’ll love, whether he’s an outdoorsman, a golfer, a cook, a puzzler, or just your favorite person in the world. There are gifts in every price range, and if you need more suggestions or you’re still shopping for the other dads in your life, browse through our comprehensive Father’s Day gift guide. Then check out the history of Father’s Day before making some history of your own.

Tertill Garden Weeding Robotvia

For the weed whacker: Tertill Garden Weeding Robot

Hold everything! After the time-saving success of the now-iconic Roomba, gardeners have been begging for the outdoor equivalent, and—voilà!—here it is. Created by the same inventor, Tertill takes on vegetable gardens, organically controlling weeds and eliminating the need for herbicides and weed block. How does it work, exactly? Its specially designed wheels churn up the top layer of soil, keeping weeds from sprouting and chopping them down with an onboard string trimmer if they sneak in. Solar-powered and weatherproof, this handy device is as effective as hand weeding but so much easier. Think of everything else he can accomplish while Tertill is doing the weeding for him. If you’ve had a tough time accomplishing everything you’ve needed to do lately and fell behind on your shopping, don’t stress—this Amazon item will arrive quickly, as will these other last-minute Father’s Day gifts.

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