Accessories are the easiest of ways in elevating your overall aesthetic. No matter the location, occasion or season, it’s vital to have a collection of staple accessories in your wardrobe. Accessories are becoming more and more significant each day, they can change the appearance of attire completely and many women love the idea of having a versatile wardrobe.

Below is a highlight of 8 essential fashion accessories that every woman must have in their closet;

  • A classic leather handbag 

Every woman loves an accessory that adds chic to an outfit and can go with plenty of clothes. A classic handbag always makes an impression and is a vital accessory that no woman should leave the house without. It serves both a functional purpose of carrying things around and also makes a fashion statement.

A scarf is one of the best accessories that has stood the tests of time. It was worn by our grandparents and we are still rocking them with our outfits. You can style a scarf in so many ways: as a head wrap, a tie, a bandana, or you can tie it around your handbag. It works every time, and that’s why it is a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. For a woman who wants to stand out from the crowd, you can adorn a fire bodycon dress, a Burberry trench and top it up with an elegant silk scarf.

A perfect waist belt cinches your waist in while giving you a silhouette of a perfect waistline. It makes frumpy outfits appear more trendy. Belts are flexible in that they can be styled in many unthinkable ways. You can wear a belt over a dress to add some contrast to your attire or sport it over an outsized sweater or blazer to add shape to your physical type. 

Jewellery serves the purpose of completing a look as it adds a taste of one’s style that seeks to differentiate one woman from the next. They’re those women who would go for earrings as opposed to necklaces. When in doubt, always opt for versatile jewellery, which you can mix and match with various outfits. Jewellery can be added to more basic and minimalistic looks to spruce it up. For instance, simple studs, elegant necklaces and simple rings are great for everyday looks. You can’t go wrong when you have a piece of elegant and sophisticated jewellery wherever you go. 

Wearing a watch is a necessity. A watch is an arm candy and is the perfect accessory for a more simple yet functional style. If you aren’t a fan of jewellery and you are looking for good accessories, getting a watch can work for you. You can choose to keep it just simple with leather strapping or add some flashy bracelets for a change. 

Shapewear is the latest fashion fad that has greatly revolutionized the underwear and lingerie fashion world. Shapewear makes a woman feel beautiful and confident not only in herself but also in her outfit. They come in a wide range of options made with different fabrics to offer that needed support to suck in the tummy and offer an attractive figure.  

You can have all the accessories in the world but where can you go without shoes? They are accessories that you can never go without. Having the right pair of shoes will give you the ultimate support and comfort for moving around. Every lady requires several shoes to fit different events and go with different seasons of the year such as a pair of beautiful stilettos, heels, flat sandals, trusty sneakers, boots and so on. Even though you are not an obsessive shoe accumulator, your outfits will work with these important pairs of footwear. 

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