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These trends have taken off so much so that Amazon is now taking note of what’s popular due  to the app (there’s even an ″Internet Famous″ page on the site). According to the retailer, the seven most popular items now trending thanks to TikTok are all under $40, collectively have more than 55,000 rave reviews, and, in our opinion, are summertime essentials.  

These are the items trending now on TikTok and Amazon:

The clothes and accessories are simple additions to your wardrobe but can have a profound impact on your outfits and everyday style. For example, the chunky $14 hoops that TikTok users love add attitude to elevate whatever you’re wearing, from workout leggings to nap dresses. These things will make you look like an Instagram influencer IRL — throw in some ugly sandals to the ensemble and you’ll probably get mistaken for a Hadid. 

Now, if you’re paying attention to these popular picks like we are, you’ve probably already created an outfit in your head that incorporates basically every item listed. If not, browse the trending TikTok products below and you’ll have all the inspiration needed for a stellar look.