Online shopping has become all the rage these days — for some of us, it’s the only way to shop! It’s definitely a great idea to get informed on all of the tips and tricks that exist before you shop ’til you drop. Save money and score stylish pieces all without leaving your house. Is there anything better?

Sign-Up To Mailing Lists On Sites With First Time Coupons

When you’re browsing your fave (or new) brands, be sure to find out whether they offer a discount code for signing up to the mailing list. A ton of sites will email you a code to use on your first purchase after doing so. This is such an easy way to score a quick deal, so be aware!

Follow Influencers For Discount Codes

Influencers are always sharing personal discount codes that you can use towards your purchases. Stay on the hunt for internet personalities that have the same style as you to see if they offer special codes for awesome brands. Plus, they’re likely to post reviews and tips about brands that’ll help when shopping!

Leave Products In Your Cart For A While

A helpful online shopping tip to keep in mind is that if you’re unsure about an item, leave it in your cart overnight. If you’re signed up to the mailing list, many brands will have abandon cart emails that they’ll send out with a discount code.

Read Model Descriptions

Some shopping sites often have the height of the model that’s showing off the clothing in the product photos. This is a great indicator to compare your body type and height with the model, to purchase the best size.

Use A Browser Extension For Discount Codes

There are so many browser extensions that you can download to do all of the discount code searching for you. At checkout, a notification will pop up to search for available coupon codes for the site you’re on! It’s as easy as that.


Head Straight To The Sale Section Tab

Once you’ve started your virtual shopping trip, head over to the sale section first on each site. You might find exactly what you’re looking for at a discounted price and save some cash.

Pick-Up Instead Of Ship (When You Can)

Recently, a variety of brands offer a pick-up option that’s totally free of charge. Typically, there’s a minimum spend to get free shipping, so if you’re under that amount and have the option of pick-up then definitely save your coin and head on over to the location and grab your order.

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