From Instagram edits to TikTok try-ons, social media has completely changed the way we find our favorite fashion trends. Influencers from all over the world create content to show off their personal style and hope to inspire others for their own style. The best part of having access to so many influencers on the Internet is that there’s always something for every user; everyone can find someone similar to look up to. Here are the five best fashion influencers to follow for inspiration:

For anyone who dreams of living in New York City in their lifetime, Audrey Peters is your new spirit animal. Popular TikTok influencer and marketer from the city, Peters is the go-to girl for high fashion. She’s known for confidence advice and hilarious NYC inspired videos, but what really makes her account stand out is her chic style. 

Her fashion videos include boutique hauls and “marketing made me buy it” outfits from both local businesses and online stores. Peters is the perfect inspiration for anyone with expensive tastes and a big personality.   

Iskra Lawrence (@iskra)

Being a mom, an Aerie model and an Instagram influencer doesn’t stop Iskra Lawrence from being a complete fashion icon. Noted as one the most prominent figures in the body positivity movement, Lawrence shows her followers that you don’t need a sample size body to pull off stylish clothes and live a healthy, happy life. The 30-year-old is originally from the UK and is popular for videos on self confidence and body positivity on both Instagram and TikTok. Her style is a little bit of everything: bohemian, high fashion and even features athletic wear. She’s one of few influencers that starts a movement with her message and clothing trends. 

This TikToker may be the closest thing to a real-life Elle Woods.  On Tiktok, Ohio native Caroline Ricke portrays a “socialite” giving advice to her viewers. The videos are throwbacks to the days of Clueless and Legally Blonde. With her witty humor and sassy attitude, Caroline Ricke is anything but shy, and that includes her fashion sense. Perfectly coinciding with recent trends, Ricke is all about Y2K fashion. In almost any video, you can find this influencer rock iconic Y2K items like mini skirts, crop tops and tracksuits. Her videos make for a great laugh and outfit inspiration. 

Have you ever wondered what your favorite TV and movie characters would wear in real life? Then look no further with TikTok fashion influencer Romney Ellen. Known for her fashion aesthetic and inspired look videos, she takes her own personal style and incorporates it into popular characters’ wardrobe inspiration. 

From Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf to Harry Potter inspired outfits, Ellen always understands the assignment with her wardrobe. When she’s not channeling her inner main character, her personal style is a mix of dark and light academia, and cottage core. Her videos are the best for people who either already have fashion inspiration and want to channel them more, or for people who are still looking. 

This last influencer takes the cake for bad b—- energy. TikTok influencer Spencer Hunt has no problem saying exactly how he feels and wearing what he wants, no matter what gender norms may say. 

He’s more well known for making comedy videos including his iconic “daily scream” videos, ranting about how horrible or amazing his day went. However, his Instagram and TikTok are filled with chic streetwear style, featuring both women and men’s clothing. Many of his featured items are thrifted, so while you might not be able to get his exact look, you can still get creative with how you show off the same style.