There’s nothing quite like the flash of bright lights illuminating a runway as music begins to pound through a venue. The audience members’ heads start to swivel to keep up with the newest designer wares as they are revealed one by one on models parading up and down in front of them. The energy is palpable. These are the moments we all look forward to as editors, but for me as Vogue’s accessories director, it’s not just what’s on the runway that gives me that flutter of excitement. Don’t get me wrong, the showmanship is always thrilling, but it is during the appointments in these designers’ showrooms where all the accessories really get their moment in the sun. Seeing the shoes everyone will be wearing, the bags there will be wait lists for, and the jewelry I’m ready to invest in up close is a true pleasure. And then we wait. We wait for all of these glorious, new, shiny things to hit stores so we can share them with everyone, and we get to feel the excitement all over again. And do a little shopping ourselves of course!

The one caveat of seeing all these accessories up close and personal is the temptation to buy them. People have always asked if I’m teetering on going broke from wanting to collect them all. I’ve never found this to be the case. My job is to edit and I extend that to my personal life as well. Even if I think I want it all, I can always recall my favorites at the drop of a hat.

So in order to make sense of spring and what’s to come, I and my fellow accessories lovers and editors here at Vogue have decided to go public with our wish lists. We’re bringing you the best of spring accessories to come, our favorite spring accessories and spring jewelry trends, and the most covetable pieces that you can now buy that make up those categories. From our cart to yours, happy shopping.