Grandmas might just be the force that keeps the world ticking around us, which is why finding the perfect gift for your grandma is such a struggle. Grandmas often hold a special place in our hearts: They’re nurturing, wise, and sometimes a little indulgent. But each grandma is different. Some might be retired, others may be years from even dreaming of retirement, and still more may be retired but as active and busy as ever. If you thought finding the right gift ideas for women for your mom, spouse, or friend was tough, rounding up the best gifts for grandma is about to throw you for a loop.

Fortunately, this challenge isn’t impossible. Many Mother’s Day gifts work great as gifts for grandma. If you’re shopping for your mom who is now (or soon to be) a grandma, some gifts for new moms might even work as a sort of gifts for new (and hands-on) grandmas. But the key is to figure out what presents your grandma will really appreciate. If she’s taking it easy in retirement, a bag perfect for the working woman may not be quite right for her, and if she’s still busy all day, every day, she might frown at a set of loungewear that she’ll only wear once a month.

Our guide to some of the best gifts for grandmas is sure to help you figure out what to grab before Christmas, Mother’s Day, her birthday, or whatever occasion you’re shopping for—fingers crossed that you find that just-right gift among our thoughtful ideas. Just be sure you know how to wrap a gift—she’ll appreciate the effort, guaranteed.