B + C: How did you know M.E.E. Movement was your business to start?

The M.E.E Movement represents motivation, empowerment, and encouragement for women. It is what represents me. I did not know at first that it was my business to start, but then the thought of monetizing what I loved came to me. It scared me, however. I registered the business in July 2020 and have been slowly building my wings since.

B + C: What’s one strategy that’s helped you start your business?

Thinking through and researching what the requirements are to start my business, and then asking questions of people who are in the business. Not all advice worked; however, it helped me to figure out what I needed to do and not to do.

B + C: Did you always know life coaching would be your entrepreneurial path?

(Smiles) No, I did not. I ‘stumbled” on it. I knew that people were always coming to me for advice and I found that I loved having conversations with them, especially with women, young and old.

B + C: What was your most valuable takeaway from Selfmade?

My most valuable takeaway was the first day of training: Get out of your own way. There were a lot of great moments and important takeaways from every presenter. However, getting out of my own way, pushing past doubts, was for me my most valuable takeaway. Doing something that I had never done before took courage. If I do not focus on what is happening with me mentally then I cannot deliver to my clients successfully.

B + C: What’s one piece of advice you would give to female entrepreneurs on the brink of starting?

Get out of your head. You have something to offer. You have what you need to succeed so go ahead and do it.

B + C: How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by listening to music and listening to motivational speakers, and sometimes someone will just reach out and talk about the impact that I made in their life. That adds the extra juice or sauce I need to pummel through the day.

B + C: What’s your best organizational tip?

Keep a diary and journal. It’s the best way for me to keep organized and it also provides a source motivation as I record not only my “losses” but my wins as well.

B + C: Who inspires you in the entrepreneurial space?

Shirley Toliver – She motivates and empowers and makes me always want to show up.

B + C: What has receiving the Office Depot scholarship to Selfmade done to help you start or grow your business?

The scholarship was a blessing in that all the areas that were covered offered valuable information that I needed, from social media to HR. As a new business owner, I needed to know this to increase my own personal awareness in what it takes to run a successful business. The candidness of the presenters made it easy to see myself in their shoes and helped me to realize that I can also get there.

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