Day: June 10, 2021

At 40, Natalie Portman Remains Hollywood’s Vegan Fashion Queen

Natalie Portman made her mark early. The Oscar-winning star of Black Swan and Vox Lux turns 40 today, but she’s been a household name since she was 13, when she starred in 1994’s Lêon: The Professional. She stole scenes from established stars like Gary Oldman and Jean Reno and cemented her status as an it-girl. 

In fashion circles, Portman was equally in demand and displayed a keen sense of style right from the start. She arrived at Lêon’s Los Angeles premiere in a polka-dot faux fur, black slip dress, and coordinating opaque tights, capturing several mid-nineties trends in

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Rothy’s Finally Launched Its First Collection of Men’s Shoes

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For several years now, Rothy’s has been known for its stylish and sustainably-made women’s shoes, ranging from flats to sneakers to sandals. Now, the brand has expanded into men’s footwear, offering two different styles of shoes, a sneaker and a driving moccasin. Whether you’re looking for a new everyday pair of shoes for yourself, or are still on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift, these styles are a must. And

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Queen Elizabeth Wears a Butterfly Brooch That Was a Wedding Gift, Days Before What Would Have Been Prince Philip’s 100th Birthday

Since returning to her royal duties following the death of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth has been subtly paying tribute to her late husband via a string of very meaningful brooches.

On Tuesday, the monarch held a virtual meeting with an ambassador from the Republic of South Sudan and the High Commissioner for the Republic of Mozambique wearing a rarely-seen piece of jewelry. This particular bauble is a butterfly-shaped brooch composed of diamonds with wings edged in rubies, and was a gift from the Dowager Countess of Onslow on the occasion of the then-Princess Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip in 1947.

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The ‘Gossip Girl’ Trailer Has Fashion, Sex, and Finstas

Lady Whistledown and the Plastics’ Burn Book both menaced their respective social circles, but nothing struck fear into the hearts of well-dressed teens like blogger Gossip Girl. In the trailer for the new HBO Max sequel show Gossip Girl, based on the beloved CW show of the same name, a new generation is introduced to the anonymous busybody who knows about everyone’s skeletons — and this time, it’s taking place on Instagram. In the Upper East Side, it’s going to get very vicious on the timeline.

The trailer sets up the premise of the show: a teenage clique, ruled

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The Boys in Their Summer Dresses

It seems fairly unlikely that when Irwin Shaw wrote “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses,” his classic paean to “a million wonderful women, all over the city,” drifting along the pavement as warm breezes tugged at their hems, he could have envisioned a day when those “girls” would as likely be men. Sexist and dated as Shaw’s much anthologized 1939 story may be, it did lay out truths about urban existence and the unalloyed joy of looking.

Those pleasures, largely withheld over the last 16 months, have returned as we venture forth from our caves. To the delighted surprise of

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Colorful Scrunchies And Hair Accessories To Wear All Summer

Summer: the season of beach getaways, backyard parties, and “get-my-hair-up-and-out-of my-face-by-any-means-possible.” Thankfully, there’s an abundance of accessories to help accomplish this necessity in style. This season, you’re in luck if you’ve got an emergency stash of 90’s hair accessories laying around somewhere…but if not, we’ve got you covered. Scrunchies, claw clips, and headbands are back. Here’s a roundup of our favorite hair accessories to wear in summer 2021. 

Leisure Scrunchie

For the early morning zoom meetings to camp carpools drives, this soft scrunchie made with sustainable bamboo fabric is made for easy

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