Month: April 2021

The best Easter styles for kids 2021

It’s been a while since the last time we had a good excuse to dress up. So even though Easter may still be more than two weeks away, we’re already planning our outfits.

Thankfully, style expert Amy E. Goodman just gave us plenty of fashion inspiration for the whole family. She dressed seven kids in cute and casual outfits that are perfect for the holiday — but don’t worry parents, there’s outfit inspo for you, too.

For Theo, 4, and his brother Oliver, 7, Goodman went with a retro ’70s-inspired theme that has formal elements but is fun enough to

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Remembering American Fashion Designer Liz Claiborne Who Died Nearly 14 Years Ago From Peritoneal Cancer — What is This Rare Type of Cancer?

Remembering Liz Claiborne

  • Late American fashion designer Liz Claiborne passed away nearly 14 years ago due to a battle with peritoneal cancer.
  • Peritoneal cancer is a type of cancer which spreads throughout the lining of the abdomen, and has links to other types of cancers including ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer and mesothelioma.
  • Treatment options depend on the stage of the disease and type of tumor, but can include surgery (if eligible), oral or intravenous chemotherapy or targeted drugs.

Nearly 14 years ago, iconic American fashion designer Liz Claiborne passed away due to a battle with peritoneal cancer. This rare

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See Dr. Jill Biden’s Best Style Moments as First Lady

We wouldn’t just call First Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden “stylish,” because that doesn’t do her meaningful fashion choices the full and thorough justice they deserve. Of course, we love to see Jill’s practical approach to curating a wardrobe — choosing flats over heels for travel days and staying true to her signature taste by keeping scarves, several colorful bracelets, and coordinated face masks with pearls in heavy rotation. Her outfits certainly are approachable and wearable without lacking sophistication. But since her time in the White House, Biden and her team have also rallied behind emerging talent

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Used soup bowls and worn shorts among the joys of op-shopping

Last week, I did the environment a favour, in addition to rewarding my wardrobe and my conscience. From my local Salvos, I purchased denim cut-off shorts, a pair of ankle socks and a stack of black, ceramic soup bowls for under $25 in total.

I did spend an absurdly long time hunting through the racks and shelves to select my purchases, but that’s the joy of op shops – the hunt. I really missed it during the lockdowns.

Op shops are a treasure trove of often good quality, affordable clothing.Credit:iStock

The humble op shop, where you may find

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Winmark Brands Announces Territory Expansion in Wisconsin

MINNEAPOLIS, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Winmark, The Resale Company™, announced today that the Sheboygan, Wisc. market is now open and available for new Once Upon A Child®, Plato’s Closet®, Play It Again Sports® and Style Encore® franchise locations. Each of the Winmark brands have set the bar high in terms of industry standards to become the most dependable choice as consumers are continuously looking for high-quality, affordable, used retail resale shopping options.

Once Upon a Child, the largest children’s resale franchise in North America, specializes in reselling gently-used kid’s clothes, shoes,

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