Day: April 24, 2021

‘Minari’ Showcases Today’s South Korean Fashion

Ms. Choi credited a Korean television series called “Reply,” about a group of friends in the ’80s and ’90s. The three-part drama, one of the most successful shows from 2012 to 2016, is attributed with bringing back clothing from the era — mom jeans, classic American-brand sneakers, oversize sweatshirts.

It influenced Ms. Song, who was not actively following the newtro” trend during her preparations for “Minari.” “I am really excited to hear that Koreans are also adapting to this style,” she said.

Louis Park, 48, a former stylist who runs a vintage-style cafe in Seoul, said he wondered if Jacob,

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Your Ultimate Vintage Sunglasses Shopping Guide

Fashion’s reset over the course of the pandemic prompted a rise in vintage shopping, but unlike archival bags or pre-loved shoes, sunglasses rarely make the #humblebrag posts. As investment buys increasingly become a priority for consumers who have spent the last year overhauling their wardrobes and considering the true value of their clothing, expect this to change. Consider sunnies your next stealth luxury purchase – just in time for summer.

“We are moving towards a moment in fashion which is less focused on trends, and people are trying to create looks for themselves that will last for a decade or

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In the Spotlight | ‘I just like to entertain people’: Local teen to model in Cincinnati fashion show | News

The way Amy Donia, of Stoystown, tells it, her 14-year-old daughter Jillian, an aspiring model and actress, has a way of lighting up the room.

It’s a trait that she and husband Angelo Donia noticed at an early age.

“We noticed at a young age that Jillian comes alive on stage,” Donia said. “Even from a competitive dance perspective, when she gets on stage, she’s transformed. It’s amazing to watch.”

All eyes will be on Jillian when she models on July 31 during a new fashion event and reality show in Cincinnati, Ohio, “The Collective.”

Jillian will be paired with

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From A Spa Retreat To ‘Poetry For Neanderthals’

The pandemic killed off a number of Hollywood traditions in the past year. The Oscar season swag bag wasn’t one of them. 

Every year, celebrity and product-placement marketing company Distinctive Assets puts together a gift bag that the 25 nominees for best actor, actress and director awards take home with them, whether they win or not.

Each of this year’s swag bags is valued at around $205,000. That’s a combined value

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Flooring Forecast 2021: Here’s What’s Trending in Kitchen Floors

What was the first room you wanted to see when touring potential homes? Our money is on the kitchen. As clichéd as it sounds, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home—and a common starting point for renovators. So if you weren’t immediately swept off your feet, don’t worry: You can change the whole look with a few simple swaps. Where to begin? New flooring will make a big impact while setting the direction for the design choices to come.

Thinking about your kitchen flooring as a blank slate is exciting. Of course, if you’re feeling a bit intimidated

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