Day: April 13, 2021

Realme 5 Luxury Design

We need to know, because Realme is a smartphone made by a company from China, there is no Realme 4 series, the successor to Realme 3 is Realme 5. Number 4 is skipped because it could be that number 4 is a sacred number that is often associated with unlucky numbers in mainland China there. But let’s not talk about serial numbers. Let’s focus on what this Realme 5 has to offer.

Realme 5 itself will be placed as the successor to, whose price class is more or less Rp. 2 million. Of course this makes this cellphone in … Read More

The Inevitable Return of Zippers and Buttons

Haggar Clothing Co., America’s leading men’s dress pant and apparel brand, is providing the much-needed solution for back-to-occasion wear. With products such as the Cool Right® Performance Flex Pant, Haggar fulfills the new demand with innovative features including four-way stretch fabrics, comfort waistbands, moisture-wicking properties, wash & wear products, and eco-friendly yarns. 

Over the past month, Haggar has seen a revival of business in both dress and casual wear. Traffic in retail stores and sales of Haggar products have rebounded earlier than expected and beyond what the

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Digital fashion is changing how we participate in trends

The internet has forever altered the fashion landscape. In 2021, people are more likely to look at Vogue’s Instagram account than at its physical copies. And people are shopping online more than ever before.

Shopping online has also led to dangerous overconsumption. Cheaply and unethically produced clothing allows people to hop on fad trends easily, but it also generates harmful amounts of waste and pollution. 

Because we’re all living our lives in a virtual format, specifically on social media, the motivation to participate in trends isn’t really to look the part— it’s to post the part. Rather than actually

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Staten Island Macy’s to open discount ‘Backstage’ store

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Macy’s will open its off-price store, Macy’s Backstage, in its Staten Island Mall location in New Springville on Saturday. The store will feature everything from deeply discounted high-end designer clothing to home decor.

The new Backstage inside the Staten Island Macy’s boasts an array of discount options for fashion-loving customers who shop often and enjoy finding on-trend fashion at reduced prices.

Macy’s Backstage in Staten Island will have 10,500 square feet of dedicated retail space on the second and third levels of the store.

“As Macy’s expands its assortment from off-price to luxury, we are thrilled

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Mothers Day gadget gift ideas – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

You can go beyond the typical flowers and a card this Mother’s Day, and get your mom a fun gadget! How about a skateboard or something to diversify her beverage experience? David Novak, the Gadget Guy, has more ideas below!

1. Lander 27″ Complete Skateboard


Mom’s not too young to pick up skating. The Lander 27″ Complete Skateboard is a lightweight, ultra-durable and Eco-Friendly skateboard made of a special blend of fiber-reinforced Nylon and different recycled materials that make it a really solid skateboard that’s built for smooth rides with high level performance capabilities. The skate also features

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5 things to get your garden ready for a weekend get together

Could your deck area work a little harder and become the inviting space where everyone wants to be for a garden get together this summer? We think the answer’s yes. The quickest way to create a sociable garden that’s does the trick for alfresco drinks is to follow our favorite garden bar ideas and set up a comfortable seating area around a firepit. Add a cover such as a pergola and you can even use it on days when the weather isn’t so great. 

If you feel a project coming on it could be time to try a transformative paint

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