Day: April 4, 2021

How Emerging Fashion Brand, Deviate, is Revitalizing a OnceForgotten American City of Production

The Detroit-based label locally produces fashion to be globally enjoyed.

The Detroit-based label locally produces fashion to be globally enjoyed.

First there was Paris, then there was Milan. Soon following suit came New York and London. Now, there’s Detroit.

It’s not entirely unexpected of the city. The midwestern capital has a history long intertwined with the arts and innovation, producing technological wonders a la Henry Ford, musical mastery a la Motown, hip-hop superstars like Eminem and a booming retail scene attracting countless creatives and young businesses to the Michigan metropolis. When emerging fashion brand, Deviate, was looking for the perfect

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How My Personal Style Changed When I Relocated

When I lived in Singapore, I was always dressed in very light, summery clothing. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and it’s very humid – not ideal for jeans or tweed jackets unfortunately! In London, when I was working in finance, I dressed very corporate – a smart dress or trousers and high heels everyday, and no loud colours (besides the occasional red nails). Now that I work for myself, I dress more like I would have done so off-duty: jeans, flowy, colourful and maxi dresses and more flats and loafers. I wear timeless and en-vogue brands such as
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Cuniform Will Transform Your Home, Not Just Your Closet

At a time when both our homes and wardrobes struggle for a sense of style, consider Colton Dixon Winger a sort of superhero—in designer denim rather than primary-colored tights.

Utilizing his background in fashion and eye for design, Winger is the cofounder of Cuniform, a styling service he built in 2016 to help clients overhaul their closets with perfect mix-and-match options. These closet audits, as he calls them, involve willingly parting with some dearly beloved items that no longer serve you—like that LBD that hasn’t fit since senior year of college—and filling in the gaps with recycled garments

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An astute businesswoman, known for her classic Hollywood fashion, rounds the century mark in grand style!

Turning 100 is no doubt a “crowning glory” and a remarkable feat for those fortunate enough to be among that elite group of super seniors.

And with all the advances in medical technology, reaching centenarian status isn’t that uncommon these days. In fact, those in that age group are becoming the fastest growing population in the world.

Standing from left, Rosemaraie Pearl and Marlene D’Angelo, nieces of Frances LaLima, sitting. (Courtesy/Sallie Belluardo)

And with it comes lots of perks: The right to receive extra attention from family members and friends and even local media outlets, recognition from U.S. presidents and

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Saturday 3 April 2021 – The Monocle Minute

If you started a restaurant, what would the concept be? A few of the team were pitching amusing – if bound-to-fail – ideas to each other when our managing editor Tom Reynolds offered up The Toast Office. Not only is it a good name, not only does almost everyone like toast but also, as he pointed out, his raw ingredient costs would be very low (you can see why he’s the managing editor) and you wouldn’t need to hire expensive chefs (as I said, you can see why he’s the managing editor).

He even suggested giving the slices of bread

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Kareena Kapoor Khan to Tara Sutaria: Accessories EVERY girl ought to carry for her next beach vacation

From statement earrings to sunglasses and bandanas, here’s a checklist of all things you shouldn’t forget to pack when you’re heading out on vacation.

Kareena Kapoor Khan to Tara Sutaria: Accessories EVERY girl ought to carry with her for her next beach vacation

While it”s not easy to plan a vacation thanks to the current situation, we can soothe ourselves by thinking about the near future. Planning an escape to get rid of reality is a lot of fun, especially if you’re heading to the beach.

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