Month: March 2021

Guess Pulls Telfar Knockoff Bag, Showcasing The Power Of Fiercely Loyal Fanbase

Fashion has been buzzing over recent news of American brand Telfar, after its loyal clientele accused the brand Guess of stealing the embossed shopping bag logo look.

Telfar Clemens launched Telfar in 2005, and has come to resonate with Black fashion goers and the Black queer community over the past several years. Clemens’ grassroots success has caused many to call Telfar the next brand to

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How to wear a beanie: The stylist-approved guide

The beanie might be considered something of a style staple, but with nearly 2,000 people asking their search engines “how to wear a beanie” each month, it seems we’re in need of some styling assistance. 

One of the most practical hats around (it’ll keep you warm, fold-down neatly enough to keep in your pocket, and it won’t blow off your head in unexpected gusts of wind), the humble beanie will more than earn its keep in your closet. A piece as versatile as your best jeans, they can be used to add personality and color to your outfit, as well

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13 Luxurious Gifts to Give for Mother’s Day

It’s never too early to be shopping for Mother’s Day! After all, there’s probably no one more deserving of a thoughtful—and yes, luxurious—gift than our moms. So, we tapped House Beautiful Style Director Robert Rufino to pull together a list of indulgently chic ideas. Not only are his picks gorgeous, there’s something for every mom. Prepare to secure your status as the favorite child.

Princess Grace Luxury Robe

Carleton Varney


The perfect robe for mom to bundle herself in with breakfast in bed, featuring an iconic Dorothy Draper print. Luxury indeed!

Florentia Charger Plates

Saro Lifestyle


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Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Accessories every girl needs to look stunning for a date night

Got the perfect outfit but have nothing to style them up? Here are 6 products you need to look drop-dead gorgeous. Check it out!

Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Accessories every girl needs to look stunning for a date night

Accessories are as important as your outfit to craft up that stunning look you desire. Be it the shoes, jewellery or the bags you carry, everything makes a subtle statement in who you are. Though it”s very well said not to judge a book

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25 Gifts for Grandma She’ll Absolutely Adore

Grandmas might just be the force that keeps the world ticking around us, which is why finding the perfect gift for your grandma is such a struggle. Grandmas often hold a special place in our hearts: They’re nurturing, wise, and sometimes a little indulgent. But each grandma is different. Some might be retired, others may be years from even dreaming of retirement, and still more may be retired but as active and busy as ever. If you thought finding the right gift ideas for women for your mom, spouse, or friend was tough, rounding up the best gifts for grandma

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Assault rifle raffle for Astronaut High School graduation event sparks outrage, support

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Flyers announcing that an assault rifle would be raffled off at a fundraiser for Astronaut High School seniors provoked worry and confusion for some parents, and glowing support for others over the weekend as news of the prize spread, News 6 partner Florida Today reported.

The ArmaLite-style assault rifle was among the items being advertised in the Project Graduation raffle. The news sparked some parents to ask how raffling a military-style firearm for a school-related function would be appropriate given deadly mass shootings that have taken place at schools over the years.

[TRENDING: COVID after the vaccine

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