Day: March 27, 2021

How to bring cozy Danish hygge style into your home | Home & Garden

Candles can create a calming, cozy ambience in any room. 

The Danish concept of “hygge” means cozy, warm and comfortable. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” it’s an idea, culture and mood, and it’s been exported around the world as people seek to embrace cold weather.

Hygge offers a way to create a space all your own if you’re renting, add stability and structure to a busy life or simply help you relax and feel good. We’ll take you through some of the ways to incorporate it into your home, ranging from decoration tips to daily habits. Once you embrace

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40 styles for a youthful aesthetic

Whether you’re a baby boomer just now learning of the newer generation or a millennial in a constant battle with their younger peers, one thing is for sure — Gen Z is making waves in the world of fashion and there is no way to ignore them.

This is most evident on the short-video app TikTok, where Gen Z users, typically born around the very late 1990s if not the early 2000’s today through the early 2010s, are taking a stand when it comes to style. Most notably, the Zoomers as some like to call them, have canceled skinny jeans,

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Meet the founders of Melody and Ralph

For Madyson Lee, 25, and Amanda Bergeron-Manzone, 33, it has always been a challenge to find clothes that fit them and their style. Hunting for clothing that was also affordable, sustainable and ethically-made was even harder.

The duo is working to change that.

Lee and Bergeron-Manzone recently founded Melody and Ralph, an online shop operating as one of the only vintage plus-size clothing stores in the Twin Cities. The two are serving as their own models, curators and marketing team.

Lee talked with the St. Paul Pioneer Press about fashion, sustainability and the power of social media.

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COVID-style fundraiser equals success for Brainerd Lakes Women of Today

The Brainerd chapter members raised more than $11,000 for Jaimie’s Purse and Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity with their Happy Hour with a Purpose Fundraiser.

The Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today is a nonprofit group for women in the Brainerd lakes area. The women participate in a variety of projects through Early Childhood Family Education, the March of Dimes Walk, Relay for Life, Camp Confidence auction, church suppers, Butter Braid sales, flower bulb sales and more. The group also donates to the Mid-Minnesota Women’s Center, Girl Scouts, local families in crisis, food shelves, Camp Confidence, Heartland Animal Rescue Team,

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30 Best-Selling Spring Shirts, Dresses, and Accessories From Shopbop

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Feeling royal? Shoppers are. A slip-on pair of the Kate Middleton-loved Superga shoes are top sellers. They’re the kind of no-nonsense summertime sneakers that will become your go-to for everything from errands to brunches. Also a fan favorite? The Veja sneakers Meghan Markle relies on for casual outings, like boat trips with Harry. Combine these with a dress or pair of jeans — either way, their cool aesthetic will amplify your outfit.


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Why are penny stocks trending? And are they a good investment?

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The term penny stocks might conjure up images of Leonardo Dicaprio swindling a sale over the phone as his co-workers hang on his every wordBut the world of penny stocks isn’t just confined to The Wolf of Wall Street—the craze is taking over the stock market at the moment.

While penny stocks might have taken off in the ‘80s, they’re making a massive comeback in 2021. Blame the era of GameStop for cheap shares being bought by the bucket-load, but penny stocks are on everyone’s radar at the moment, and social

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