Day: March 26, 2021

Quincy fashion illustrator Holly Nichols pens new book

QUINCY – Holly Nichols has always been drawn to style.

The 30-year-old Quincy resident went from sketching dresses on cocktail napkins while bartending weddings to haute-shot fashion illustrator, a career she launched on Instagram and grew to almost 700,000 followers.

“During the slow parts of the wedding, I would take the napkins at the bar and draw all the gowns that I saw,” she said. “I’ve always loved drawing women in dresses.”

Nichols right hand brings to life what is in her heart – a passion for fashion and art. Her illustrations – a whimsical gestural style with colorful, bold

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Single mother from Orlando is force behind international modest fashion line

ORLANDO, Fla. – Lisa Vogl is the co-founder of Verona Collection, the first modest clothing line to be sold in an American department store chain.

The Orlando mother used her savings to start Verona Collection, which gained attention when it launched at Macy’s after she converted to Islam and was having a difficult time finding modest wear.

[TRENDING: Teens rescued from slingshot ride | Woman found naked in storm drain says she was there for 3 weeks | Teacher fired for using medical marijuana]


“There [are] millions of Muslims in America and yet it was so difficult for

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Evanescence’s Amy Lee, Queen of Goth Girl Style, Is Back With New Music

A particular experience that inspired Lee to make The Bitter Truth happened three years ago, when she lost her little brother, Robby. Dealing with that grief, and attempting to find hope through it, caused her to start writing again. “That made me zoom out on life and look at it again,” says Lee. “I had to rediscover who I am, because being his big sister was a huge part of my identity.” (Much of the album’s recording also happened during the pandemic, which only fueled its survival theme.) While The Bitter Truth deals with heavy emotions, its sound is surprisingly

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A Heavily Armed Man at a Grocery Store Adds to Anxiety in Atlanta

ATLANTA — Rico Marley walked into a grocery store in midtown Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon carrying a guitar bag.

He headed for the men’s room, the authorities said, where he strapped on a bulletproof vest. He then donned a jacket, its pockets full of ammunition, and placed two loaded handguns in a left front pocket and two other loaded handguns in a right front pocket. In the guitar bag, he carried a 12-gauge shotgun, an AR-15 military-style rifle and a black ski mask.

Then he walked out into the store.

Police, tipped off by an alarmed shopper in the bathroom,

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This Spring, I’m Turning to Elton John for Style Inspiration

Sir Elton John, our patron saint of sky-high platforms, feather boas, and larger-than-life sunnies, turns 74 today. While his impressive career is worth celebrating with a candlelit cake, I found myself revising some of his best fashion moments in honor of the occasion. Nobody has done flamboyant maximalism quite like the English singer. Over the years, he’s become synonymous with his over-the-top stage outfits—but even off-duty, John’s personal style has been just as exuberant, often including the spiffiest suits you’ve ever seen. 

His early performance looks for the stage are what are truly iconic. Remember his sold-out Dodger Stadium concerts

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5 Affordable Street Style Trends To Try For Summer 2021

When Vogue’s trusted street style photographers stepped out in Milan, Paris and Tokyo to capture the fashion scene around the autumn/winter 2021 shows, the results were somewhat surprising.

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Gone were the full designer looks and high-voltage blowouts that were once the markers of the lens-conscious street style set. In their place came irreverent vintage ’fits that tap into the spontaneous creative spirit that is currently inspiring everything from our TikTok timelines to our love of journalling.

The best street-style looks also just got affordable. From scarlet tights (spotted in Tokyo) to mini kilts

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