Day: March 13, 2021

Have the nicest of days with these quirky and colorful products


Fall’s Biggest Accessory Trends Are Also The Most Fun

Who knows what fall ‘21 holds: We’ve been isolating at home for almost a year now, and with vaccines slowly rolling out, there’s a good chance that we might be out and about come autumn. Or… we also might not! The trickiest fall Fashion Month season to date is well underway, and designers seem to be hedging their bets as well, showing 2021 fashion accessories that toe the line between practical and fun.Everyone’s favorite lazy shoe option, clogs, continued to get the status-shoe treatment, after making headlines for appearing at

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HUMBOLDT COVID FASHION WEEK: Psych Yourself Up for LoCO’s Next Dumb Contest! Strut Your Stuff and Win! Win! Win! | Lost Coast Outpost

Is Humboldt ready for another frivolous LoCO contest? Too bad! We’re doing this. 

After y’all overwhelmed us here at the Outpost with your mostly wonderful entries for last month’s successful SINGING IN SOLITUDE contest, we thought, this time out, we’d turn our focus from music to another realm of human expression Humboldt excels in: FASHION. Specifically, we are dying to know how you’ve kept your look fresh during this last year of not venturing out of your abodes. What’s that? You’re going on your twelfth pantsless month? Well, that may actually play to your favor, here. 

Today, LoCO is announcing

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Marks and Spencer shares ‘Bridget Jones’ style Sloggi knickers but shoppers are divided

Nearly a year into the pandemic – we all know the importance of keeping it comfy.

Loungewear and lazy lingerie being absolutely key to our stay at home success.

Which is why when Marks and Spencer announced Sloggi as the latest lingerie line to join the group of brands available at the supermarket and online, most shoppers simply went wild for it.

Others, however, weren’t quite so sure…

Posting on Instagram on Thursday (March 11), @marksandspencer said: “As seen in the media today, we’re excited to reveal @sloggi is part of Brands at M&S – and you can shop now!

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10 of Our Favorite Pieces from SS21 Collections at Slam Jam

As you can probably guess, we get pretty excited when the season turns. Not just for the refreshing weather conditions, but also for the chance to give our wardrobes a rethink, welcoming in some of the new season’s best new arrivals. When this time comes, we’re never too far away from a tab with Slam Jam’s new arrivals page open. The past few weeks have been no exception, and we’ve finally decided on our SS21 highlights.

From dark pieces by Rick Owens and Toga Virilis through to striking colors prepped for spring sunshine from Acne Studios and Casablanca,

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Yorktown100: The True Cost of Fast Fashion

Some aspects of our carbon footprint are easy to identify, such as flying, commuting with a gas-powered vehicle, using single use plastics, etc. But when it comes to our clothing, the impact is not as apparent. As the price of clothing has declined, people are buying more of it, but they are tossing it out sooner, considering it “disposable” due to its low cost and quality. “Fast fashion” has made clothes more affordable, but at a significant environmental cost.

Carbon Emissions:

The fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of all carbon emissions and is a more significant source than

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Paris Fashion Week: Escapism, innovation and hints of joy

Written by Fiona Sinclair Scott, CNN

Contributors Leah Dolan, CNN

In late February last year, Paris was quietly falling into the clutches of the coronavirus pandemic as packed runway shows took place at locations around the city during Paris Fashion Week. Event attendees joked uneasily about adopting the fashion cliché of air kissing, and applied extra lashings of hand sanitizer as they compared notes about who was being allowed back into the office or had been asked too quarantine at home “as a precautionary measure.” Despite it all, the event was largely uninterrupted and most attendees went about the business

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