Day: March 7, 2021

Asian American Fashion Community Unites To #StopAsianHate

In recent weeks, harrowing incidents of hate crimes towards Asian American elders across the country have run rampant. In New York City alone, hate crimes towards Asian communities have risen by 1,900%, according to NYPD data—and the fashion community is speaking out. The #StopAsianHate movement has emerged thanks to prominent Asian-American designers, editors, entrepreneurs, and influencers, who are using their platforms to eliminate cruelty towards those with similar heritage.

Prominent figures are also sharing their personal experiences with racism, in order to raise awareness of the deep-seated problem. Within the last several days, a wave of posts on social

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Charlotte Magazine’s 2021 Spring Fashion Preview: Get Dressed!

Who is a fashion influencer you’ll watch in 2021? Karen Blanchard.

Trends for 2021: What’s in, what’s out? Getting dressed is in. Getting dressed in sweats is out!

What’s your favorite fashion designer or brand to follow on social media? So many! If I have to choose one—Jacquemus.

What’s one trend you’ll incorporate into your wardrobe in 2021? The high waist flare trouser—whether it’s in denim or another fabric. It’s very ’70s, a decade that I often draw fashion inspiration from.

Sustainable fashion: What is it and where do we find it? Sustainable fashion is clothing designed and produced in

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Biden stimulus shows new era of politics

The disparity between the reception to President Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus plan and President Biden’s is the result of several seismic shifts in American politics — the most dramatic of which may be the apparent impact of the pandemic on attitudes about the role of government in helping the economy.

Since the outset of the coronavirus, polling has found substantial support among Americans for providing more government aid for those in need. That is partially due to the nature of the current crisis, which for a time opened a deeper economic hole than even the Great Recession. But the shift

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6 best women’s sweaters in 2021, according to fashion experts

What is the best fabric for sweaters?

Here are the seven best fabrics and blends the fashion pros say you’re most likely to come across while shopping for sweaters.

Sweaters made with natural materials

While you shop, you’ll find these four materials in both organic and recyclable variations.

  • Wool: 100-percent wool sweaters get a bad rep for being itchy, and Christian Juul Nielsen, creative director of contemporary womenswear brands AKNVAS and Herve Leger, suggested an easy fix to “make the wool a lot softer and lighter:” Opt for wool sweaters blended with at least 20 percent polyamide, a synthetic
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Dolores Catania Got Cartier Love Bracelets from BF David Principe

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The New Jersey Housewives Brought Their Sexiest Looks to the Season 11 After Show

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The New Jersey Housewives Brought Their Sexiest Looks to the Season 11 After Show

Get all the details on the fabulous fashion from the RHONJ Season 11 After Show.

Dolores Catania’s interview style on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11 has been all about Old Hollywood glamour. She took that theme to a whole other level in The Real

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The Fashion Industry Can’t Get Enough of Carlos Nazario

Photo: Photograph by Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Growing up in Queens, Carlos Nazario had two wardrobes: Sean John jeans paired with Jordans or Timbs for day and miniskirts with thigh-high Converse boots for night. Most weekends, he’d sneak out and take a two-fare trip into the city to clubs like Happy Valley and Splash, or to Warehouse in the Bronx, where your outfit could make your evening. His looks were paid for, in part, with money he made Photoshopping his peers’ report cards (and doctors’ notes and gym slips), although sometimes he’d swap and borrow clothes with the friends he

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