Day: February 7, 2021

What Really Matters in the Fashion Industry?

There has been a lot of press given lately to innovation in the fashion world. A recent article in the Guardian raved about a dress covered in carbon-sequestering sequins made from ocean algae that captures enough CO2 to “fill 15 bathtubs.” From athletic wear made from coffee grounds and biodegradable beechwood tanks, to peace silk underwear and pineapple leather, fashion is awash with clever, groundbreaking inventions that all claim to make the industry more sustainable.

These are well-intentioned projects, but sometimes I wonder if they distract from the few, much simpler solutions that could reform an industry considered to be

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The Unwilling Fashion Photographer Who Excelled

Man Ray is today regarded as one of the most innovative photographers of the twentieth century. He reinvented solarization and further developed photograms, which he called “rayographs,” in reference to himself. He also pioneered fashion photography in the 1920s-1940 in Paris but did not want to be known as a Business “photographer.” He considered himself a painter and artist above all.

Man Ray and Fashion is an exhibition organized by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais and the City of Marseille, at Musée du Luxembourg, Paris. Man Ray is presented here in a new light as his photography

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Bill to allow home delivery of beer, wine in SC advances amid pandemic’s shopping changes | Columbia Business

COLUMBIA — A bill allowing stores to deliver beer and wine to homes along with the grocery orders moved forward in the S.C. House on Feb. 3 despite opposition from a state law enforcement leader.

Advocates for the bill, which include the S.C. Chamber of Commerce, argue that the change would recognize that more consumers shop online, especially during the pandemic.

Opponents worry that enforcement of the law, especially the risk of orders being handed to underage drinkers, will be difficult.

The House subcommittee that backed the home booze deliveries also approved a measure that would allow stores

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2022 Ford Bronco Aftermarket Accessories Leak: Details and Photos

Now, thanks to enthusiast forum Bronco6G, we now have our first good look at said catalogue. Hundreds of accessories from more than a dozen different manufacturers (both third-party and official Ford Performance parts) spilled onto the internet, and almost all of them have been priced. It looks like the forum got their hands on information that was destined for dealers and very generously put it up for everyone to pore over. There are more than 200 accessories to pick from, and some of them even have imagery attached.

According to the images, there are at

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Apparel And Luxury Brand Marketing In Post-Corona Times

Let’s face it, the fashion industry has been hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic; since there was a shift in consumer sentiment, people now tend to focus on buying necessary items. According to Boston Consulting Group, revenue generated by the fashion industry dropped by more than one-third in 2020, which is

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Mt. Wilson fashion show raises forest fire awareness

Sara Cummings, clad in an arctic-white anorak, baggy forest-green cargo pants and thick-soled white hiking boots, is about to step in front of the camera at the Reese Cooper fashion show and lookbook shoot. This, in and of itself, isn’t noteworthy; this is the third job the L.A.-based model has had since the COVID-19 pandemic began 10 months ago.

On the second Saturday of the new year, the catwalk Cummings is about to step onto is a narrow metal grate curving around the domed exterior of Mt. Wilson Observatory’s 100-inch Hooker telescope, 36 feet in the air above a parking

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